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Q3 2021 Interim Report

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Interim Report Q3


To be released on 17 November with conference call for investors and analysts at 10:00 CET:

Tel.: +45 32 72 04 17 / +44 (0) 207 192 8338 /        +1 646 741 3167 (confirmation code: 3973837)

Investor Relations

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NKT is a global and recognised provider of turnkey AC/DC cable solutions with cost-effective and technologically advanced production facilities in Europe and sales offices around the world. With a technology leading product portfolio in the high-voltage segment, NKT is well prepared to capture parts of this growing market. Furthermore, NKT holds strong market positions within the medium- and low-voltage segments in selected Northern and Eastern European markets and with further growth opportunities in other European markets. NKT Photonics is a leading supplier of high performance fiber lasers and photonic crystal fibers.

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