Market: Copenhagen    ISIN: DK0010287663    Sector: Industrial Goods & Services

About NKT

NKT A/S was founded in 1891 and has been listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen since 1898. NKT A/S has a proven track record of successful long-term development of industrial businesses through exercise of active ownership. Strategic focus, targeted investments and stringent financial governance combined with acquisitions are key elements to grow the businesses and to achieve superior value creation for its shareholders.

The businesses in NKT A/S are active within power cables (NKT) and high-tech photonic products (NKT Photonics). Both businesses are at the technological forefront in their respective markets. The NKT A/S businesses are present globally and employ more than 3,700 people.

In October 2017, the leading professional cleaning equipment company Nilfisk was demerged from NKT A/S and listed on the stock exchange as a separately listed entity.

Development in share price

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Financial Highlights

EURm 2018 2017 2016
Revenue 1,501.6 1,479.3 1,046.1
Revenue in standard metal prices 1,147.1 1,108.4 792.8
Operational earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (Oper. EBITDA) 79.3 141.8 74.9
Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) -37.5 17.3 -13.7
Profit for the year from continuing operations -46.3 -3.4 -17.5
Profit for the year from discontinued operation 0.0 932.2 29.6
Profit for the year -46.3 928.8 12.1
Cash flow from operating activities continuing operations -42.2 87.8 153.9
Net interest-bearing debt relative to oper. EBITDA 3.1 1.9 -0.4
Solvency (equity as % of total assets) 48% 43% 54%
Return on capital employed (RoCE) -0.7% 11.8% 11.7%
Average number of employees 3,744 3,600 8,958


 Revenue EURm

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Operational EBITDA EURm

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Income Statement - Nilfisk figures are excluded and comparative figures are adjusted accordingly.

Cash flow - Include discontinued business.
Balance Sheet - Nilfisk items are classified as assets held for distribution to owners at 31 December 2016. The 2015 Balance Sheet is unchanged. Key figures such as RoCE and NIBD leverage include discontinued operations. Full specification of Nilfisk’s Income and Balance Sheet statements is presented in Note 9.2 to the NKT 2016 Annual Report.